I've worked on a lot of stuff. This page contains specific things I've built or noodled with, in no particular order. Please also see my page of social links for other places I've published work online.

Financial Times

I've been working at the Financial Times since 2016 as a senior data journalism engineer, which means I get to sometimes work on exciting editorial projects and other times maintain the broader Visual & Data Journalism team's tech infrastructure.

Ændra Rininsland

A few select projects I'm proud of (gift links used where possible):

Census data alone is not enough to map the trans community
[FREE TO READ] The new information is important but many are still afraid to be counted

I'm particularly proud of this one.

How will global warming affect the crops that we grow?
Climate change’s effects on agriculture will worsen existing global inequalities
Can the world sustainably satisfy its hunger for fish?
Demand for seafood has soared while stocks have become depleted — but aquaculture and global treaties offer glimmers of hope
The emotion business: who’s cashing in on your emotions
In this interactive experience, we tested out the technology that tracks facial expressions — and it’s pretty problematic.

This one was my concept and took over a year of work. Get me drunk sometime if you want to hear the story of this piece.

Broadband speed map reveals Britain’s new digital divide
Britain’s broadband speed divide: How does your postcode compare?

We won an award for this one.

Could you make it as an Uber driver?
A news game based on interviews with dozens of Uber drivers

Won lots of awards for this.

I'm also currently a co-lead of the FT's LGBTQ+ network, FT Proud, which resulted in this lovely piece I was interviewed for:

Ændra Rininsland on why we need more trans people in journalism
“Our identities are who we are. We’re people trying to live our lives, and we don’t want our existence to be an open question”

The 📰 News Feed

This is the most popular custom feed on Bluesky for news media content. The only accounts included have self-verified using their domain names. Currently it's the most popular feed for news content on Bluesky.


📍 Welcome to 📰 News! Please hit Like ❤️ above to improve this feed's visibility. All newspapers on this feed have self-verified using their org's domain name. Please contact me if you represent a news org and need help with doing this! News orgs, request inclusion here:

— ændra. ( Oct 20, 2023 at 12:25

XBlock Screenshot Labeler

XBlock is my attempt to make social media a little bit nicer. Much of social media is comprised of screenshots from the same other 6 websites and being able to turn that on and off as needed can be really positive for mental health reasons. Initially intended to allow users to toggle Twitter screenshots primarily, the services covered by it now also include Truth Social, Threads, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and more.

XBlock Screenshot Labeler (
Moderation service that labels screenshots from select social networks, primarily Twitter/X and Bluesky. Mislabelled posts: please report (specifying XBlock) using the Bluesky “report post” button! Created and maintained by

The image classification model used by the service was hand-trained by me using reports submitted to me via Bluesky and is based off of google/vit-large-patch16-224.

howdyaendra/xblock-large-patch2-224 · Hugging Face
We’re on a journey to advance and democratize artificial intelligence through open source and open science.

All of my machine learning experiments can be viewed on HuggingTree:

howdyaendra (Aendra Rininsland)
User profile of Aendra Rininsland on Hugging Face

TJA Styleguide microsite

Updating the styleguide was a colossal team effort by a huge team of volunteers at the Trans Journalists Association; I merely helped with setting up the microsite.

Trans Journalists Association Stylebook and Coverage Guide
The Transgender Journalists Association’s Stylebook and Coverage Guide is a tool reporters, editors, and other journalists can use to improve news coverage of trans people and the stories that affect them.

(My partner and I also helped migrate the TJA website to its current hosting on Ghost!)

Party Everything

I was really obsessed with the Cult Of The Party Parrot for awhile so I built a script that put the party parrot rainbow interpolator on top of every emoji. There are better tools for doing this now, but every once and awhile I find a new reason to dig a new emoji out of this repo.

GitHub - aendra-rininsland/party-everything: Yes this is literally every emoji with a party parrot rainbow interpolator
Yes this is literally every emoji with a party parrot rainbow interpolator - aendra-rininsland/party-everything

Also, I'm the creator of this emoji if you see it around anywhere.

I also made this stupid thing

GitHub - aendra-rininsland/d3-party: If you don’t like flashy colourful things look away now pls
If you don’t like flashy colourful things look away now pls - aendra-rininsland/d3-party

And this stupid thing

GitHub - aendra-rininsland/party-parrot-sass: Sass mixin to make your brain hurt
Sass mixin to make your brain hurt. Contribute to aendra-rininsland/party-parrot-sass development by creating an account on GitHub.

Check out my GitHub for more stupid things.