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Pothole slows Deerfoot to a crawl

CALGARY — A pothole brought a new headache to commuters heading northbound on Deerfoot Trail this morning.

The pothole, in the left-hand lane on Deerfoot near where construction has begun on the Ogden Road overpass, brought traffic to a near halt.

Crews later closed the left-hand lane as they applied a temporary fix to the hole. While a permanent repair is expected to close the lane for four hours starting at 11 p.m. tonight, crews are also shutting it down intermittently this afternoon as they monitor the temporary solution.

The hole should be fixed in time for tomorrow’s commute, said Alberta Transportation spokesman Martin Dupuis.

“An old pothole from six years ago just popped out today,” said Dupuis. “The patching is going to be done with concrete and will be fixed more permanently.” The pothole problem comes as the province continues work on the bridge deck over Ogden Road.

The project — initially slated to begin in late May — was delayed by rain until the start of this month. Expected to last until early August, the construction on the expressway over Ogden Road will then be followed by additional construction on the Calf Robe bridge.

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