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New project: GitHub Pages for Drupal 7 (Also: I'm Git vetted!)

Over the last few months working with Drupal, I've wanted to become a more productive member of the community. To that end, I've been working on getting a full project approved in order to get "Git vetted" and thus be able to create full projects on Drupal.org.

A bunch of work, six code reviews and a boatload of PAReview'ing later, I now have full project access and have started by creating GitHub Pages, which allows users to post copies of individual nodes to GitHub's free HTML page hosting service. This is a core bit of functionality for VizCloud, intended to reduce server load on high-traffic nodes (For instance, a data visualization embedded in a news article).

Let me know if you like it or have any comments! I need to refine it a bunch still too — and absolutely love it when people submit patches in the issue queue.