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My new social media strategy

I have way too much social media property, and it's all set up in such a way that I'm never quite sure what's going to go where, or whether content's going to get duplicated somewhere.

To this end, I'm using this post to refine my social media strategy and also let people folks know where any content is going to be.

Writing — Where I've posted text content has always been a mess. Between all of the different iterations of aendrew.com, my tumblog, Facebook and all the periodicals I've written for, it's really hard to keep track of it all. With this in mind, I'm retiring my Tumblog (at least until I can find an actual use for it -- maybe photoblogging?), not writing any further notes on Facebook and posting all personal blog content on aendrew.com. My published work will still be all over the place, but I hope to start aggregating it somewhere on aendrew.com. I will also use my Twitter account solely for posting journalism and web-development microblogs.

Links — Linking is something similarly confusing in how I approach it. I post links on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other places. I hope to consolidate this all into one Delicious account, that will feed Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Photos — I've always used Flickr as my main repository for my professional photography, with Facebook storing less-than-professional photography. I plan to keep my Facebook albums semi-private, with my Flickr account feeding ændrew.com, Twitter and Facebook.

Video — I have both a YouTube and Vimeo account, and I'm not entirely sure how I plan to use either. I've really only used YouTube for some short video sharing, mostly related to random web-dev projects, so I think I'll use YouTube for fun stuff and video art, with Vimeo reserved for more professional journalism projects.

Code — I've always used some kind of local repo for my public code, which is a really bad idea for a number of reasons I won't get into here (Well, briefly: if I switched CMSes, such as I did recently and do frequently, there's a lot more migration that needs to be done.). To this end, I'm now using Launchpad for all public code. Eventually I'll start posting into my sandbox on Drupal.org, but that will probably just sync with my code on Launchpad.

Any thoughts? Apologies to any of my audience who may get confused by this all.